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Are they crazy? Why people enjoy hot yoga.

Hot yoga is not for everyone. It’s a challenging set of stretches for the body in conjunction with breathing and meditation in a hot room at 105 degrees. We offer HOT classes that vary in length (60-90 min) and stylistically (Hatha-Vinyasa, and even Gentle or Nidra), each have their own merits and benefits related that the way they are led.

What are the benefits of hot yoga?

General yoga practice has many rewards, such as decreased stress and anxiety levels, improved balance and, often, an enhanced sense of calmness. But what about the benefits of a heated practice, specifically? Here are five main benefits of hot yoga, as compared to non-heated yoga.

Promotes flexibility

One of the more prominent benefits of hot yoga is the feeling of greater flexibility. The heat allows the soft tissue of the body to become more relaxed in a shorter amount of time than in a non-heated room. Some poses and positions may become a bit more accessible due to this increased openness.

More sweat

Hot yoga will make you sweat and feel great! This is often associated with detoxification effects. One should hydrate before, during (minimally), and after class.

Improved circulation

The heat and specific postures of the practice do wonders on the body's ability to circulate blood. Combined with increased oxygen, the body can is able to send blood to the muscles more efficiently.

Energetic environment

There is electricity in the air that comes from having a great instructor a lot of people breathing, sweating and doing yoga in a heated space.


We all have been beginners, but the group welcomes you in and you start to develop and extended family! 🙏🏼🫶🏼

Come and join us to try hot yoga for the first time. We will gently guide you as you learn this wonderful practice.

DIVO Wellness is run by Nicholas Kimps, certified trainer. While DIVO classes are known for the fun atmosphere, Nicholas is best known for his attentive caring instruction during class. Classes offered include: Training, (HOT) Yoga, Ayurvedic Consultations and Planning, Parkinson’s Disease Informed Fitness, Spiritual Counseling, Corporate Fitness

Design for Gyms, and Corporate Events. For more information, visit:

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