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“If you avoid conflict to keep peace, you start a war within yourself” -Cheryl Richardson


Balance is the key. Abstinence in the absence of resolve fuels yearning. If you don’t know WHY it is you abstain, and you don’t frequently remind yourself of the reason, eventually the damn will break under the ever building pressure of desire and refrain. A stuffing of emotions over time leads to impulsive, compulsive, and or reactive behaviors; an acting out of reflex rather than conscious awareness. This can apply to so many things, but most importantly conflict. Once the energy is born, it must go somewhere. It is your choice as to where it goes. If you stuff it, the conflict begins to fill you. When put under pressure, whatever fills a person WILL come out, much like an orange produces orange juice when squeezed. Functional, responsible relationships involve communication, candor, transparency, and respect. If any of those are lacking, energy begins to move disproportionately. Depending on the conditions, it could turn into a maelstrom, a hurricane of emotions, that balances the opposing energies, creating multitudes of destruction. Or perhaps it is more subtle, either way the results are rarely pleasant for one or more of the individuals involved. It is a rare few with the awareness to sense the imbalance, and correct it before it stirs and storms any greater. Seek balance on the front end through reflection and action, rather than reflexion and reaction. The war is a result of choices, not a promise and or fate. It is a choice to serve self at all levels rather than serve in relation and humility. Do you want a war? Then why ignorantly make choices that leave few other options? Sapere Aude: Dare to be Wise!

On this day, I will acknowledge conflict(s) and acknowledge the part I play in it without pointing any fingers or judgement. I will clean up my side of the street, because I deserve to live in cleanliness and peace of mind. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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