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“Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings” -Wis Khalifa

Daily DIVO-tional...

Some of the most beautiful scenes in nature can occur right before and immediately following intense, and even devastating, storms. Often, the stark contrast and kaleidoscopic colors that could only accompany an atmospheric disturbance, are the things that seduce our attention and fancy. A beautiful metaphor of things within ourselves, emotionally, that feel like storms, that are intense and cut to the core, that inspire awe and majesty in spite of a seeming lack in a physical, visual stimuli. Visual and feelings in combinations, or not, can create just as impactful an experience as the two in combination. Honestly any combination of sensation and perception can be transformative or affect the perceiver/receiver. Go boldly into the storms, for they will happen anyway. It is a fact, and balancing act, of nature. Taking shelter during a storm for protection or hygienic purposes is reasonable, but deciding to move to another state after one storm isn’t, necessarily. Coming to strong conclusions with limited data doesn’t always yield great results. Temper you reactions to tempests within your life. The making of permanent choices during temporary experiences is a dysfunctional reaction to fear or discomfort. Be wise to the fact that all things pass, and all things fade away, including you, how can you maximize and reap the most from the things at hand in your life, right now? Try not to limit yourself with input from limited and temporal things. You may be cheating yourself out of unimagined experiences due to rash and reflexive responses. Be easy, be balanced, be flexible: fo you won’t be bent out of shape!

On this day, I will reflect on times I made permanent decisions during temporary feelings. I will take the time to think about what happened, how I was feeling, as the results. I will then think about how I could, would, or should have done it differently based on pausing rather than compulsively deciding. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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