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“Grace is finding a waterfall when you were only looking for a stream” -Vanessa Hunt


I love this perspective. Surprises are such a beautiful thing. Especially as they pertain to your perceived worthiness or expectations. Grace is knowing that you are supported above and beyond what you can comprehend. Beyond what you believe spiritually, or even connotatively speaking, this speaks to your soul, that when you are looking for just a sip of water, you are given that and more. A place to bathe, recreate, selfcare, and or fill up all your water reserves. It is that reminder that there is more at play than we are knowingly involved in. It is that wink wink nudge nudge from the universe or god, as we understand god. It is, above all else, a sigh of relief, a moment to let it all go and relax, the sweetest nectar of all. It is interesting because we can revel in that moment of grace that we KNOW for sure is grace, but then be completely blind to it in most all other instances, because they don’t look the same or the way I expected. That flat tire, for instance, may have saved your life, and you may never know from your purview. Which begs the question, can you be happy, engaged, and participating fully in your life, in all of its moments, or do/will you still pick and choose, and assign degrees of good or bad. Can you begin to understand grace exists outside of all labels, and is solely a concept of the mind. Can you accept that it is a choice to be miserable, but it is also a choice to be unconditional. Just be; be easy!

On this day, I will accept the grace that appears to me, in any form, as a gift and a reminder of what I truly am, worthy. I will remember that I am enough, and that any idea of lessness stems from beliefs and programming. I do not earn grace; I receive and give grace, because that has been, and always will be, my nature.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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