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“The dream is free but the inspiration is sold separately.”

Daily DIVO-tional...

Just ponder that... Everyone and anyone can dream, and DOES, at some point in their life. At a very young age, we dream, imagining what it would be like to be an adult; all the things we want to and could do, or who we want to be, with our lives. A wellspring of potential, vigor, and inspiration shaping and molding our lives with a portent of success and happiness. A defining factor, through outside influence and or internal perception, is how someone interacts with that dream as they age. Some return to that wellspring, while others forget where they get their nourishment and wither, and die slowly, at the hands of expectations, greed, and obligation. It is sad that anyone should perish in separation and isolation from their source, but that is the way of it some times, and holds many lessons for ALL involved. So be kind to anyone and everyone on their journey, because we do not truly know the way of their heart or thoughts, only they do. The greatest gift to offer, is living the example, exemplifying to possibility, that others may see and know they too can do the same. Putting into action the deliberate focus upon inspiring things that return you to wellspring. Knowing you cannot explain or teach this, only that you can show this. Teach them how to fish by showing them that you know how, rather than just handing them fish once you’ve finished.

On this day, I will draw to mind a dream. Even if I have to reach way back to childhood. Something that, the very idea of, makes my heart bubble or burst with joy. I will hold it in my mind as long as I can, releasing and negative thoughts that may arise. I will drink from that wellspring of joy, and see what I am inspired to do once I rise. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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