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“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” -RUMI

Daily DIVO-tional...

There is a depth to this statement, almost ineffable. Perhaps validating it as the lowest common denominator of truth regarding our existence and purpose. Atoms to molecules, molecules to cells, cells to tissues, tissues to organs, organs to organ systems, organ systems to bodies, bodies to communities, communities to cities, cities to countries, countries to continents, continents to planet, planet to solar system, solar systems to universe, universe to multiverse, multiverse to...; added complexity, although based upon simple units repeated over and over again. Recapitulating themselves again at seemingly greater levels; atoms versus solar systems. Each level built upon the last, almost seeming to double back on itself. However, the next dimension cannot experience what it is like to be the previous, only as IT is. You are just as much an integral part of the Universe as a heart cell is to you. Both in motion, keeping the chain of existence flowing. Concepts are stimulating, but lack substance; although, the dance of thought and memory adds fluidity, it is experience and emotion that creates density. This is the journey of consciousness into matter and then back again into Consciousness, or so Sankhya’s Philosophy tells us. What if we could live in a way that honors that important role we play (Dharma)? How would life be different (Karma)?

On this day, I will acknowledge my worthiness, whether I fully believe it or not. Recognizing that I do not have to understand my purpose to fulfill my purpose; I am but a human, humaning! On this day I will accept that I am a piece of something greater than myself much like the cells in my body are of something greater than themselves. NAMASTÈ 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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