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“Broken crayons still COLOR!”

Daily DIVO-tional

A broken crayon can be used for many things, including what it was originally created for! Although, that doesn’t always happen; typically they get stowed away in a box of misfit crayons to be used another day, but that doesn’t always happen. Repurposing is a trendy way of saying you didn’t let it go to waste. In a capitalist society, it’s hard to imagine all the things in life that actually still have use in them, because there is constantly a new and enhanced thing being showcased. Hardly enough space, need, or encouragement on the consumers end to foster creativity and ingenuity to make use of that which is already in possession; not to mention financial resources to do so. Think about how many people toss themselves aside under the assumption they have nothing more to give because of some perception of brokenness or irrelevance. It’s sad to even contemplate. So peel back that paper wrapping, decide what you want to be and how you’re going to do it, and GO! You are the crayon, your life is the coloring book, but remember, why limit yourself to just coloring? 🤷🏼‍♂️ You decide...

On this day, I will recognize my worth. My inherent worthiness, not the subjective worth associated with comparison to others. I will love on myself, realizing repurposing is as easy as making a decision. I am enough.

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