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“Be fearless in the pursuit of that which sets your soul on FIRE🔥”


What sets your soul on fire; passion, purpose, pleasure? What makes you FEEL most yourself? What is it that brings you ALIVE? Too often life, society, or family push people into boxes too restrictive for anything more than mere survival. In fact, the resources available are so minute that the soul diminishes, much like a candle in a covered jar. Once it uses up all the oxygen, it is extinguished and gone. It can be lit again, but it requires not only a spark, but a replenishing of the fuel source. Expectations, dreams, and virtues create a box that we stuff our souls into, sometimes we leave the lid off, others do not. Ultimately, cutting yourself off from the resources that fuel your soul fire, your spiritual oxygen, you will eventually wither and cease. All is not lost, however. Any moment is the perfect and possible time for it all the turn around, on a dime; a miracle. Be fearless in the pursuit of YOU. There is nothing to fear; for those boxes and walls around your soul are as paper thin as you believe them to be. It’s a process and can take time, but maybe the first step is relaxing a bit and realizing that you’re behind bars rather than sealed into a box. Perhaps you have all the fuel you need, you just have to remember where the door and or key is to get out. You likely never locked the door to the cell, you just aren’t jiggling it the right way, and giving up too soon. No judgement. Life happens, what are you doing with it?

On this day, I will sit and seek guidance on what sets my soul on fire, or at the very least, what brings my heart joy. I will follow the thoughts that feel the best, like a hound on the trail to unbridled BLISS. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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