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“Be curious, not judgemental.” -Walt Whitman

Daily DIVO-tional...

We do not have to decide what something is or is not once we observe it, although that does seem to be the way our mind works. Perhaps a safety feature of our biological form here on this planet. It allows us to quickly assess and determine the level of alert required for the situation at hand. Fight, flight, or freeze can be issued or not once our awareness rests on what we perceive something to be, regardless of what something IS. The dysfunctions arise when we are constantly in that state of heightened awareness, observation, characterization. As if a threat is constantly looming and we are waiting for it. That can be draining, not only of energy, but of deeper levels of mindfulness. If we are constantly in a shallow state of danger, waiting for danger, worrying about danger, we don’t get to enjoy the deeper nuances of self, perception, or experience. It is a sad side effect of the predominant culture on the planet. The ideation of more more more; capitalism and hedonism at its finest. It is the thirst, the quest, the feen for more and perceptions of finite that fuel much distrust, judgment, and labeling. A bastardization of simple curiosity and observation; covertly manipulated into weapons of mass isolation. Seek not compartmentalism, but rather a fluid acknowledgement of interconnectedness and support. Synergy is a symptom of the latter, rather than the former. Imagine a world where we capitalized on each others strengths for the good of all, rather than the betterment of some.

On this day, I will be curious about my observations of people, places, and things. I will seek to observe and appreciate, rather than label and judge.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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