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"Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down." -Jigar Gor

Yoga is an exploration of self, following the contours of the inner to the outer and then back again. One of the many reasons I love the the logo for DIVO Wellness is that, unknowingly in its crafting, it would perfectly symbolize this, and much more, some which I have yet to discover in contemplation upon it. Honestly, that being something the quote embodies as well. It’s really all connected, and I’m here for it!

We already move our bodies into shapes all day long as it is, some more productive than others. But what makes the work in the yoga room so much more impactful? Is it wearing yoga clothes, using a posh mat; is it talk of chakras and namaste, cleansing salt lamps, or knowing the best sound bytes from Gita? Nah! It’s the MINDFUL dance between the mind, body, and spirit within a container designed to (re)connect the three. If skillfully crafted, a yoga class, especially āsana, can facilitate this. One of the beautiful things is that even if it isn’t, the participant can still get exactly what they want and need.

It’s about the journey and the feedback within that we come to know ourselves, if only we pay enough attention. Perhaps I could qualify that with “attention we are available for.” Even that could be a rabbit hole to digress within. The body subtly and not so subtly whispers to us about things chronic and acute within our body, mind, and spirit; our locations, choices, and experiences; our thirsts, thoughts, and feelings. Imagine reading the writing on the walls of our hearts. What could you learn in any given moment, if only you could turn away from the veritable tornado of stuff composing your life? Keep coming back to the mat, you might find out!

On this day, I will mindfully join the dance of body, mind, and spirit any chance I get. I will take a few breaths, relax my senses, and be available to the whispers hanging on the moment. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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