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“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of ENERGY, a loss of POWER, a sense of spiritual DEADness.” -Shakti Gawain

These days it’s fairly easy to hear something about filling your cup, filling yours before you take care of others, or some other iteration involving you caring for self with the knowledge that we cannot save others until we first save ourselves. But  what does that mean, really? The answer is,  it depends! It depends on your unique constitution, your life experiences, your socioeconomics, and depending on how esoteric you want to get: life’s purpose or righteous duty, also known as dharma.

Filling my cup may be the draining of another’s cup, to them. This all has to do with the unique expression of consciousness that we are, from the way we choose

to express ourselves, to our general likes and dislikes, pleasures and pains. I think it’s safe to assume that at least ONE time (hopefully, and hopefully many!) in our lives we’ve experienced a feeling of minutes, an hour, a day, week, or month getting better and better, and that the excitement and energy just didn’t seem like it could withstand any more, and yet it does. It’s like a game show or gambling, and ya just keep picking the winning numbers. We call it luck,  chance, abnormal even, but it almost feels like you know some secret and or have someone or some thing whispering the right choices to you. That’s following your inner guidance.

It’s like the alternator in the car, if it’s wired and functioning properly, it will continually recharge the battery as you go. The work of the vehicle is translated back into a medium that operates the electronics of the car and makes it go in the first place. When we do not follow our guidance, it has the opposite effect. The outcomes of which may not be apparent until a ways down the road, depending, again, on our unique lives. Ok, so how does one start following their inner guidance?

Great question! It depends; shocking, eh? The best I can say is that it’s a hunch, a knowing, maybe you “hear” it, maybe you “see” it, sometimes it’s like clues and winks from the universe, regardless it is just there, and you follow it, AND it makes you feel good, better, or BEST! Conversely, if you notice your mood going down, the magic fading, a deadening, then it may be safe to stop and evaluate, checkin, or whatever helps you assess your current state and or potential actions. It’s a practice, not always a skill. You got this.

On this day, I will acknowledge that I have an inner guidance, and that I always have. I will honor it in a way I feel best, and then look for the next clue to follow. Happy hunting.


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