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I think the quotes fundamentally illustrate many of the things that are causing issue(s) within the United States. Ironically, some were written in centuries and decade’s past. Although, still vitally important to what vitality or lack there of is expressed within and around our borders. Patriotism isn’t a flag flown from the back of a truck, preserving statues of war heroes, or going to the beach or cooking out in your backyard. Patriotism is a concern and LOVE of country; your people. Not cherry picking those who you WANT your part of the country to be filled with, ALL of them. Not ONE group, party, or person knows what’s best for the all. However, that is what appears to be playing out. What we do on the micro, we do on the macro. It does matter what is going on in our country to the unheard or the underprivileged. What you do to the least of them, you do to lady liberty herself. Our country is the result of colonization, and a breaking off from government that was no longer serving its people. We stole land from native peoples in the name of our freedom, not to mention slavery. What’s done is done, but that doesn’t mean we cannot revise our path forward. Starting with how you treat your neighbor, especially those you do not like or who are so different from you that you can hardly understand them. THAT is Freedom, a country where you can be and practice as you are, not who the government says you can be. Not the majority deciding for the minority, but unanimity deciding for the Masses. Everyone here, naturalized citizens, natives, even those born on our soils to “illegal” immigrants. We all have a say, or NOTHING is done about it, until the least is heard, the country is not FREE, it is not IMPARTIAL, not the home of the BRAVE. Patriotism isn’t a check list, patriotism is an understanding of what our country stands for, not what you want for you and yours, unless it is for the good of all, Period!

On this day, I will reflect on these quotes, the current state of affairs, and my actions or inaction as it relates to Patriotism. I will, without attachment, observe how I and others hide behind flags; I will give myself the space today to become a true Patriot, not just by title. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

*originally written July 4, 2020… still deeply applicable today

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