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Daily DIVO-tional...

Get out there, GO! There is nothing restricting you from going on a walk in a natural area or taking a hike on a trail near your home! You don’t need to go to some exotic place, full of excitement and newness, you can walk out your back door and enjoy what’s already here. You could even blaze your own trails or cause as little a disturbance as possible by finding where the animals like to travel. Some times the only reason people go to a natural area is to hunt, and some times just for sport rather than sustenance. Not to mention the way capitalism and consumerism has put a price tag on the entertainment aspects of nature they have created. It’s fascinating the way the world is extorted. However, they cannot take away anyone’s curiosity. Follow it; let it lead you on an adventure! Follow a stream bed to its source, or sit quietly for hours by a pond to see how things evolve and change through out the day. Go stimulate that part of you that gets normalized and reduced through social conditioning and structural systems in childhood. Going on a hike is cool, but did you stop to look around? Did you turn over a log? Did you do anything other than try to get done with the physical aspects of the hike? If you could answer yes to any one or more of these, you are doing really well! Hah! Exploring isn’t about conforming to what has been done or is acceptable. It’s about tapping into self and venturing out into the world. Perhaps you don’t live in a place with many easily accessible natural areas, go for an adventure! Perhaps you do live close, invite friends! Do SOMETHING!!! If the only exploration you do is to the grocery store or the kitchen for a midnight snack, you may consider that feelings of boredom are justified. If you’re bored then you’re boring, eh? Be inquisitive and brave, go find something to explore. You’re worth it!

On this day, I will go on an adventure, big or little. I will resist making an excuse why it can’t happen today or even RIGHT NOW. I will honor my inner child, and allow myself the joy of EXPLORATION! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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