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The Importance of Breathing Techniques

Updated: May 25, 2023

Breathing is a critical part of yoga practice. It’s so important that yoga classes start and finish with breathing exercises. The following will describe the benefits and a few different methods.

Normal breathing: This is an involuntary process that’s natural to the human body.

Voluntary breathing: This is an action that we control, such as when we hold our breath.

What is Yoga breathing? Yoga breathing is also called “pranayama”. This is a Sanskrit word, which pulls together two words: “prana” meaning life force energy and “yama” meaning to control, extend or draw out. Essentially pranayama means control or extension of the breath, control or extension of the life force energy. This is voluntary breathing action.

There are many different breathing techniques you can use either during your asana practice or before you start a practice, or at the end of a practice.

What is Breath awareness? An important first step is breath awareness. Take a moment to notice how you are breathing in this instant. Notice the length of the inhale and the exhale – are they long or short? Is the length of the inhale and exhale the same or different? Are you breathing through your nose or mouth, or both? How deep is your breath – do you feel your lungs expanding, the ribs expanding, or movement in the gut?

Breath awareness is an important part of yoga and meditation, and also our daily life. Simply stopping all action to notice your breath can help to bring immediate changes to your physiology and mindset.

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