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Many of the circles I walk in, they have come to understand that happiness is in the doing, the being, not the receiving or achieving. Psychic satisfaction evolves out of the connection to the moment, an awareness that continually hops from one point to the next, and an appreciation for what is present. Where many people become challenged,  myself included, is in the critique of the moment, circumstance, or details rather than an acceptance for what is. A position of judgement as to the value, for better or worse, with a given person, place, or thing. An aire of judgement that dictates, almost binarily, whether to be happy or not. 

Much like the weather itself, our emotions cannot change the actual situation, but we can reframe our experience and thoughts of it. A shame if we are unable to do that until after the moment has passed. Although, it is not a fault that we have been conditioned this way, a survival skill mixed with societal predisposition, but it is our responsibility to seek a new way if we are not satisfied with living and experiencing that way. What if silver linings were standard, and in real time, and not a post facto attempt at feeling better about our lives? 

It is, in fact, our present that informs our past, but what informs our present? That varies person to person, but it is usually our destination, our future, that informs our present. Therefore it is our ability, in the moment, to see that we are navigating well, regardless of whether we understand the sign posts or not. If driving is the metaphor, then we adjust as needed based on the conditions and reality of the road and trust that we are headed in the right direction. If we believe everything is taking us exactly where we desire and are meant to be, then wouldn’t it be better to get clear on the destination rather than criticize the actuality of the moment for not being the destination? Can you allow love, grace, and gratitude to be your buffers to anything less than ideal, or just forget ideal altogether, and appreciate the real and unfolding present?

On this day, I will practice living in the silver lined moment, and allow space for things to be as they are rather than resenting them for not following some arbitrary construct I have created. I will practice dreaming a future so big, my present and past cannot be informed or characterized by anything other than its positive gravitas of manifestation. 


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