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Updated: May 22, 2022

“Lean not on the most obvious things emerging from the surface of your life, seek the origin, that which lies below the sightline.”


As they say, it usually isn’t the tip of the iceberg that does the most damage, it’s what’s below the surface. That seems the perfect metaphor to many things in life, from most all angles of thought. Tis rarely the most obvious thing that is at the root of experience, although it is typically the simplest. Obvious and simple can be, and are often, vastly different. With that in mind, one taking the simple approach and assuming that nothing is completely as it appears from any vantage point and that it would behoove a person to assimilate as many vantage points as possible before solidifying an assessment of what is being observed or experienced, a reasonably accurate assessment may be achieved. This may not always be prudent, however there tends to be patterns to all things in life, and so the heart of the experiences may offer clues just like the various vantage points. Not to mention the beautiful mind we possess to capture and facilitate memories that can be used at later points to reflect and critically think about. Although, too much time outside of the present can create its own set of challenges and issues. Be wise, be balanced, be still and just BE.

On this day, I observe above and below, within and without. I will offer myself the grace to explore experiences fully to allow a life acting rather than a life reacting. I will offer myself the honor of looking to the root of things, so that I do not, systemically, continue to suffer. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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