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“Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.” -Brigitte Bardot


Depending on how it is read. there is at least a double entente, perhaps more. Chronological physical age as it pertains to a human, and an Age of man, an era or time period. Regardless, the point suggests that anything can be enchanting so long as you are there, living within it, not just physically, but wholly. What is it to live wholly? Mind, body, spirit working in synergy in the NOW moment. Whether that is at the individual level or greater dimensions doesn’t seem to matter. The power resides in the NOW, as Eckhart Tolle has eloquently scribed, and you can tap into it with the focus of attention. The tap, as with a maple, applied to the right point will bring forth a flow, seemingly limitless in its condensed energy to be collected and used as needed. The magic, the enchantment, is within the individual or the collective, not just the a(A)ge and associated outcomes. It is a choice,then, to be where you are, as you are, and open to the enchantment that is, often, cleverly hidden, within. All you truly know is where you are right now, everything else is a trick of memory or projection. So why lament? Why not celebrate each and every moment, age, breath? THAT is a wonderful question. It’s interesting how certain eras or Ages can and have been idolized, often to the disregard of the current one. A yearning of return to a golden age. Sated only by a surrender of present; immersing fully in memories or history. Ironically, the enchantment of the past becomes a drug, sought after more and more as tolerance builds. Forsaking, sadly, right in front of them, or within, an endless supply of enchantment. An endless supply of NOW moments to become engaged in. The TRUE enchantment is the Age of MYSELF, of ME, of I. Not of selfish endeavors, but an arrival, in full, of self to share with the world. Be the present, in the present and give give give of yourself to the World, you deserve it.

On this day, I will sit quietly and allow the NOW to soak in, filling me like a sponge that has been drained of old dish water. Also, I draw to mind ties to a past I cling, convinced twas the best I’ve ever been. I will cut those ties as best I can, recognizing I can return to the cutting daily, and do it again until it is complete! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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